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CavesLIVE: A Distance Learning Adventure in March 2018

Save the date – March 14, 2018 – for CavesLIVE, a distance learning adventure with scientists from Luray Caverns in Virginia. More information is available at  

A world of wonder awaits just below the surface, and this distance learning adventure will explore these amazing places.  Specially adapted animals, beautiful mirror pools, sparkling crystals, domed caverns, and twisting tunnels lie just below our feet in many areas around the world and even on other planets! Caves provide just one connection between our everyday lives and this rich underground ecosystem. Join scientists and CavesLIVE for an exploration of the world beneath our feet, and find out how we are connected to these amazing underground resources. 

Scientists will be available during the program and students can ask questions about these amazing underground ecosystems and resources.  In addition, a video – CavesLIVE: Bringing Caves and Karst to Light – will be available in February 2018 to help prepare your students to ask questions during the live program on March 14. 

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