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The annual migration of the monarch butterfly (Danaus plexippus) is one of the most spectacular natural phenomena in the world. Every year, millions of monarchs migrate thousands of miles from Canada and the United States to overwinter in the mountain peaks in the states of Mexico and Michoacan in Mexico. This magical journey, deems an “endangered natural phoenomenon,” is dependent on conservation of habitats in all three North American counries – the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

Introducción en las Montañas de México
Anfitrión, Paulo Quadri introduce el programa que explora las M...
Original Air Date: Apr 5, 2016
Monarcas en Vivo: Conservación de Comunidad en México
Monarcas en Vivo transmitido por emisión y web desde Alternare,...
Original Air Date: Mar 22, 2016
Introduction to Building the Population
Host Liz Young-Isebrand introduces the distance learning adventu...
Original Air Date: May 12, 2009
Introduction to Little Spaces; Big Results
Host Mike Rizzo with the USDA Forest Service introduces the prog...
Original Air Date: Mar 5, 2009
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En las Montañas de México

Monarcas en Vivo visitó la Reserva de Biosfera de Mariposas de Monarca y por la primera vez en vivo de las montañas el programa era transmitido por emisión y web de el santuario de Sierra Chincua, Mexico donde las mariposas de monarca invernaran.

Conservación de Comunidad en México - Alternare

Monarcas en Vivo transmitido por emisión y web desde Alternare, una organización de comunidad que promueve conservación y sustentos sostenibles para gente que viven en la Reserva de Biosfera de Mariposas de Monarca.  Para más información sobre Alternare, vaya a http://www.alternare.org/.   Alternare da la bienvenida a invitados, si usted visita la Reserva de Biosfera de Mariposa de Monarca cerca de Angangueo esté seguro de pararse.

Building the Population

"Building the Population" was webcast on May 21, 2009, from Battle Creek Elementary School in St. Paul, Minnesota. Learn how the monarch population grows during the summer months. The program reviews: monarch migration; life cycle of monarchs in the spring and summer and how the population grows; importance of milkweed; threats to the spring and summer monarch population;, and what can be done to help preserve monarch populations.

Little Spaces; Big Results

A program, "Little Spaces; Big Results," was webcast on May 19, 2009, from Eden Place Nature Center, a garden oasis in the middle of Chicago. Learn how small garden plots can have big results for butterflies and people.

In the Mexican Mountains

MonarchLIVE visited the Monarch Butterfly Biosphere Reserve on February 17, 2009 for the first-ever live broadcast / webcast from the Sierra Chincua sanctuary where monarch butterflies overwinter.

MonarchLIVE Kick-off

MonarchLIVE kicked off on October 10, 2008 with a broadcast and webcast from Virginia. The program reviewed monarch biology, citizen science programs, and the importance of stewardship and featured former USDA Forest Service Chief Gail Kimbell and Dr. Karen Oberhauser, a leading monarch butterfly researcher. 

Community Conservation in Mexico

On Feb. 19, 2009, MonarchLIVE webcast and broadcast from Alternare, a community organization that promotes conservation and sustainable livelihoods for small farmers living in the Monarch Butterfly Biosphere Reserve. The 60-minute program was hosted by Rossana Landa with the Fund for the Conservation of Nature based in Mexico City. She was joined by Guadalupe (Lupita) del Rio, co-founder of Alternare. The program explains the concept of sustainability, ejido system of land management in Mexico, and some of the activities promoted by Alternare including:

  • growing food organically
  • creating biofertilizer
  • growing trees for
  • conserving soil and water
  • making adobe bricks for houses and outbuildings, and
  • raining local small farmers.